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Swarovski crystal nail file B-M

9,95 € EUR

GOOD HEALTH OF YOUR NAILS: Contributes to the good health of your nails by preventing splitting and breakage.
GENTLE ON THE NAILS: Velvet smooth surface is gentle on the nails and cuticles.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Effective filing surface allows precision shaping. Each file comes with a lifetime guarantee which covers the filing surface.
EXTREMLY DURABLE: the 198 Mpa stong Czech-tempered glass is hard-wearing and built to last.
HANDMADE: Each nail file is hand-made in Czech Republic.

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Mont Bleu Crystal Nail File with crystals from Swarovski

Quality matters. So that’s what you’ll find in every element of these stunning crystal nail files that preserve quality where it matters most – in your nails.

The glossy Czech glass is tempered for extra durability and the crystal nail file comes with a lifetime guarantee and effective coarse filing surface for extra-precision shaping.

Built to last, tempered twice

There is a tempering method that has revolutionized the industry, and it has evolved from the Czech techniques which transformed the production of crystal nail files. We utilize these ground breaking practices to ensure our files do not degrade in quality over the years, standing up to frequent use.

Crafted from hardened Czech glass alloy, this nail file is renowned for its durability. Our double tempering process multiplies the effect, making them even stronger and allowing you to look after your nails with ease for generations.

Swarovski designs, applied by hand

Before you start working on your nails, our artists get to work with their fingers. The intricate crystal design is applied by hand. Genuine crystals from Swarovski are applied individually in a painstaking process, which ensures an attractive, stylish file that’s as elegant as it is efficient – ideal for gifts and occasions.

Practical yet luxurious

Files come in a protective black pouch.

The perfect universal size! 135 mm long, 2 mm thick. So, whether you’re dressed to impress on a girls’ night out, working in the office or at home having a relaxing manicure, this really is the only nail file you’ll ever need!

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  1. Elissa H. (zweryfikowany)

    Zweryfikowana recenzjaZweryfikowana recenzja - zobacz oryginałZewnętrzny odnośnik

    Love these…great gift idea

  2. Lilias Sinclair (zweryfikowany)

    Zweryfikowana recenzjaZweryfikowana recenzja - zobacz oryginałZewnętrzny odnośnik

    Very attractive and smooth in use.

  3. Lola M. (zweryfikowany)

    Zweryfikowana recenzjaZweryfikowana recenzja - zobacz oryginałZewnętrzny odnośnik

    Excellent the best nail files I have ever had you are the best in your field. I like to buy them for presents. Thank you. Lola M

  4. Vivian (zweryfikowany)

    Zweryfikowana recenzjaZweryfikowana recenzja - zobacz oryginałZewnętrzny odnośnik

    Gorgeous nail files with quite a nice assortment of beautiful designs. And they work really well so pay close attention as you file so you don’t take too much off. Keep them in their fabric sheath when not using them as they can break when dropped on a hard surface. I speak from experience. This time I purchased two – just in case.

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