Da Vinci UOMO SYNIQUE 273 Shaving Brush | ø22mm

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Enjoy shaving the way a gentleman should with this high-end, handcrafted shaving brush from esteemed manufacturer Da Vinci. The UOMO 273’s fibers are made from synthetic badger-hair-imitation, densely packed and set into a black and chrome handle. This classic, traditional design is proven to give great results every time.

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German manufacturer Da Vinci is synonymous with quality, combining cutting edge manufacturing techniques with only the best materials. Since 1950, the company has striven for perfection, and the UOMO SYNIQUE 273 Shaving Brush certainly lives up to its standard.

Thanks to the elasticity of the badger-hair-imitation fibers, the brush is quick to produce an exceptional amount of foam. Flicking back and forth with ease, the fibers do their job at producing a lather while at the same time massaging the face.

Badger-hair-imitation fibers are ideal for allergy sufferers and vegan people, and also a sensible alternative to protect natural resources.

The chrome topper on the handle, as well as providing a touch of sophistication, makes gripping the brush far easier too.

  • Concerning tinting and softness similar to badger hair. Long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Easy to hold globular black and chrome handle
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Produces an exceptional lather
  • Flexible but firm bristles massage the face

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