Mont Bleu 5-piece Manicure Set in Faux Leather Case, Blue

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With these Mont Bleu manicure sets in faux-leather cases, you will have strength and durability at your fingertips, making them perfect for the seasoned travellers and people who needs quality instruments which are capable of standing up to the test of time. Blue case.

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The nickel plating which is used in the production process of these scissors benefits them from preventing rust, which is especially important in bathroom conditions which can be damp. You will find that these nickel-plated scissors are not only strong and stay sharp, but are ideally suited to efficient and precise cutting. They are equally effective when used to cut both toenails and fingernails.

Mont Bleu manicure sets in vegan leather case provide experienced travellers with quality instruments which are both durable and strong, standing up to the test of time and high miles on the clock. It is thanks to the premium materials which are used in the production process, such as tempered glass and steel, that an end product which is recognised for such high standards can be achieved.

Faux leather is revered for its superb strength and protective properties. As opposed to genuine leather, it can be better equipped to deal with the scratches and scrapes which can crop up in everyday use. This German-made leatherette is the perfect material for casing these Mont Bleu manicure sets, and is also environmentally friendly, with no animals being used as part of the production process.


  • Nail scissors – sharp and precise, suitable for finger or toe nails, made of nickel-plated steel in Italy
  • Cuticle scissors – pointed, narrow blades, suitable for removing cuticles or hangnails, made of nickel-plated steel in Italy
  • Nail clipper – for finger nails, made of stainless steel
  • Tweezers – slant end will catch even the smallest hairs, made of stainless steel
  • Crystal nail file – handmade of tempered glass in Czech Republic, perfect for taking care of your nails
  • Case – faux-leather, made in Germany, size ca. 110 x 55 mm

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