Oli-Oly Bath Salt with Argan Oil, 300g, Scented

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Using bath salt is recognised as a very effective method of decreasing inflammation and easing painful bumps, scrapes and injuries. With added sweet scent.

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Argan oil is made from the kernels of the Argan tree – this amazing oil has many uses, from softening skin to a culinary ingredient used in Morroccan cooking. It is known to be beneficial for the skin thanks to its fatty acid and high vitamin E properties.

Users of bath salt with Argan oil can benefit from a superb natural moisturiser, which can be easily absorbed into the skin, scalp and hair, nourishing you with vitamins and essential fatty acids. It also produces a fantastic softening effect for the skin and hair and can be applied after bath time for an extra level of hydration as well.

Users have also reported its capability of helping with the healing of cuts and bruises, as well as helping to address migraines.

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