Oli-Oly Bath Salt with Cannabis Oil, 300g

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Bath salt has long been considered a good way of easing pain and reducing inflammation. It is recognised as having the ability to cure migraines and help with the healing process of cuts and bruises.

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Cannabis oil is considered one of the most effective essential oils for the alleviation of several ailments and conditions, and is now also popular in soaps and candles. This special oil is produced by using extraction via steam distillation, using cannabis plants’ flowers.

Bathers using bath salt with cannabis oil can expect a calming sensation which is also capable of relieving pain. Those who play sport can find comfort in the muscle soothing properties of bath salt with cannabis oil, and it can also be effective in reducing the swelling from injuries. Combined with piping hot water, bath salt with cannabis oil can provide an unforgettable relaxing experience for body and mind.

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