Oli-Oly Bath Salt with Lavender Oil, 300g

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Bath salt is popular for its ability to treat inflammation of the skin in its various forms, as well as ease the pain of minor injuries such as bruises, cuts and sores. Some bathers also find it useful for getting rid of headaches.

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Lavender oil is a fantastically beneficial essential oil which comes from the distillation of flower spikes from lavender plant varieties. It is recognised as having the ability to reduce nervous tension, treat respiratory problems, relieve pain, promote blood circulation and act as a disinfectant for the skin and scalp.

With bath salt with lavender oil, you can take bathtime relaxation to another level, easing emotional stress, as well as preparing yourself for a long and restful night’s sleep. What’s more, the unmistakable fragrance of lavender can leave you refreshed and revitalised. You can treat skin irritations and leave your body feeling smooth and soft.

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