Oli-Oly Exfoliating Coffee Scrub with Cactus Oil, 80g

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Exfoliating coffee scrub with cactus oil is celebrated for its thorough cleansing ability; removing dead skin cells and making way for new ones. Not only can it improve circulation, make skin smoother and combat eye puffiness, it can also have an anti-inflammatory effect which can ease certain skin conditions, as well as bumps and bruises. 80 g package

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You might have seen cactus oil referred to as barbary fig seed oil or prickly pear oil – it is an essential oil which is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Its light texture means its benefits can be enjoyed easily because of the quick absorption when rubbing into the skin.

Exfoliating coffee scrub with cactus oil gives you a unique set of benefits, including natural skin renewal which encourages growth and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. You can also benefit from the nourishment provided by the cactus oil, resulting in softer skin and more supple hair.

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