Oli-Oly Exfoliating Coffee Scrub with Cannabis Oil, 150g

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The exfoliating coffee scrub does a great job of removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, encouraging the growth of new cells. It is also recognised as being able to improve circulation, address eye puffiness and smooth skin, as well as having anti-inflammatory benefits. 150 g package

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Cannabis oil is appreciated far and wide for its ability to address specific illnesses and conditions, but it also has a cosmetic value which is able to provide nourishment for the hair and skin. It is an essential oil which is extracted from the cannabis plant flower using a method known as steam distillation.

Exfoliating coffee scrub with cannabis oil offers the twin benefits of nourishment to the skin – which is thanks to the anti-aging properties of the oil and the exfoliating capabilities of the scrub – and a fantastic pick me up thanks to the sweet coffee aroma which can kick-start your day.

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