Oli-Oly Exfoliating Coffee Scrub with Rose Oil, 80g

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You should use this exfoliating coffee scrub as part of a daily skincare regime, particularly if you suffer from spots and rosacea. It is also perfect for general use, helping to lift away dirt and grime that has built up throughout the day – resulting in an enviously glowing and radiant complexion. 80 g package

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Rose oil is a popular ingredient in skincare products, thanks to its numerous health benefits. It is known to improve the appearance of skin by helping to balance hormones and improve acne and rosacea. In addition to this, it has also been found to improve mood and release anxiety, so is often used in beauty products that promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Those using this sumptuous exfoliating scrub can expect to reap all the benefits of rose oil while also enjoying the delicious aroma of ground coffee. Skin will feel smoother and softer thanks to the exfoliating beads and will look fuller and healthier after just a few applications.

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