Oli-Oly Hydrating Face & Body Soap with Argan Oil, 50g, Unscented

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This luxurious, high-end soap is packed full of natural argan oil, which is one of the favoured ingredients of the skincare industry. Your skin will be left clean, soft and beautifully protected, with any redness minimised and the natural mantle of the skin preserved.

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Argan Oil is extremely precious and the nuts from which the oil is derived have been harvested from the slow-growing, UNESCO-protected Argan forest trees for generations. Argan oil is revered for its incredible healing properties, thanks to the naturally high levels of Vitamin A and E present in the cold-pressed, pure version of the oil. It is also filled with antioxidants, linoleic acid and Omega-6 fatty acids.

When applied topically to the skin in our hydrating face soap, the precious argan oil soothes any inflammation and redness whilst moisturising the skin. Tocopherol, which is naturally present in vitamin E, supports cell turnover and production, keeping skin healthy and youthful.

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