Oli-Oly Hydrating Face & Body Soap with Cactus Oil, 50g

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Regular use will encourage your skin to protect and renew itself, with minimised redness and optimum cell turnover for a bright, beautiful and youthful finish.

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Who would have thought that a prickly desert plant could be the next big ingredient of the beauty world? But Cactus Oil is just that, and its incredible skin-healing and soothing properties are causing a real buzz among dermatologists and beauty editors alike. Cactus oil is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, incuding linoleic fatty acid which helps to stimulate healthy cell turnover and new cell production.

Natural vitamin E protects the skin and encourages it to retain vital moisture and flavanoids provide anti-inflammatory benefits. The oil is also easily absorbed into the skin and natural light. We have added cactus oil in its purest form to our luxurious hydrating soap, which will leave your skin beautifully clean, soft to the touch and naturally radiant.

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