Oli-Oly Hydrating Hand Cream with Rose Oil, 100ml

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Hand cream containing rose oil is recommended for anyone as part of a daily care regime. Rose oil can help to protect the skin on the hands from the daily grind of modern life, ensuring it remains supple, hydrated and healthy.

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Rose oil is considered by many to be a miracle ingredient in skincare. Full of natural minerals that aid both physical and mental healing, rose oil is used in health products to improve the appearance of the skin while helping the body to recuperate and maintain good health.

Those using this rose oil-infused hand cream can expect hydrated, soft and smooth hands. Rose oil helps the moisturiser to glide effortlessly on to the skin, while being easily absorbed and leaving little residue. Its anti-bacterial properties help to break down germs, preventing the spread of infection.

You should also use it if you are prone to dryness; the hand cream will deeply penetrate the skin, preventing unsightly cracking and peeling.

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