Oli-Oly Hydrating Hand Cream with Argan Oil, 100ml, Scented

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People often neglect their hands, which can suffer from the strain of participating in daily activities. Regular use of a hydrating hand cream helps to maintain hand health, improve skin elasticity and protect against dryness. With added sweet scent.

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Argan oil is a perfect solution for daily moisturisation. Used to soften and hydrate the skin, it has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E – both essential to maintaining healthy-looking skin. It is particularly popular because it is easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue on the skin.

The benefits that can be expected when using argan oil as a hydrating hand cream will include softer skin, which is less vulnerable to cracks and flakiness. As argan oil is completely natural, hands will be moisturised gently and without irritation. Due to its easy absorption, it is also only needed in small quantities, with just a small application enough to treat both hands.

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