Oli-Oly Peeling Soap with Argan Oil, 50g, Unscented

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Peeling soap gets tough on skin bacteria which can be the cause of irritations and rashes.

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In its native Morrocco, people like to dip their bread in argan oil, but it is also an essential oil with many cosmetic benefits. Argan oil is recognised for its ability to soften the skin, thanks to its high levels of vitamin E and fatty acids.

Peeling soap with argan oil provides the perfect combination of a deep cleanse with a soothing, revitalising experience. The peeling soap comes with abrasive particles which get to work clearing dead skin cells and encouraging regeneration. Meanwhile, argan oil can be absorbed into the skin, scalp and hair to increase its suppleness, while also used after a bath or shower for extra hydration.

By using peeling soap you can ensure your skin is not harbouring this bacteria, regularly removing dead skin cells and making way for soft, radiant skin.

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