Oli-Oly Peeling Soap with Cactus Oil, 50g

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Peeling soap can work to cleanse and nourish the skin and hair, offering a simple method of giving skin and hair a boost, retaining its suppleness and, when used with beneficial substances such as cactus oil, offering a way to reverse the signs of aging.

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Cactus seed oil is also sometimes known as barbary fig seed oil or prickly pear oil – it is a wonderful oil packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. Due to its light nature, it also absorbs incredibly well, meaning it can be rubbed into the skin to provide a softening effect.

Peeling soap with cactus oil can provide a nourishing mask for both skin and hair. Applying peeling soap with cactus oil can leave the user’s skin softened and rejuvenated, detoxifying and cleansing the cells while clearing away dead cells. The result is a simply radiant finish which leaves the user feeling and looking refreshed.

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