Otto Herder Nail Scissors, Stainless Steel, made in Germany

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It’s important to use the right scissors for the task in hand, and when it comes to cutting or shaping nails, only specialist instruments will do. These high-quality scissors, made in Germany, have sharp blades and are fashioned from the finest sandblasted, ice-tempered steel. With golden screw.

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The blades are also curved for extra-precise cutting, while the total length is around 9 cm or 3.55 inches. These scissors are also easy to sterilise and hygienic, making them ideal for professional use. This product is from the well-established producer Otto Herder Manicure, known for the quality of its cutting instruments. 

These scissors are designed to give great control over the arc of the cut, and to work without slipping from your grasp. Soak hands to soften calcified growth beforehand, then dry them, and ensure scissors are clean from the last use. Tidy up your nails at least every few weeks without being over-zealous,to ensure healthy growth.

Otto Herder Manicure has been making the highest quality manicure equipment for more than a century. With over 100 years of experience behind them, the company prides itself on having the latest manufacturing technology, as well as combining high-tech machines with traditional skills.

Based in the heart of Solingen, a city in Germany renowned for producing high-end blades and cutting instruments, it manufactures top quality manicure equipment.

  • Length: 9 cm / 3.54″ inches
  • Suitable for professional or home use
  • Ice-tempered stainless steel
  • With golden screw
  • Made in Germany

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