Star mini grooming comb HS-703W-581W

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Magic mini star grooming comb, the most popular hair comb for hair styling and detailing, with an antistatic effect.

Length:17.8cm/7 inches

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This mini handle comb is perfect for hair grooming, styling and straightening. Good ergonomics, rounded burrs-free teeth and antistatic effect add to the comfort of everyday grooming and maximum hair protection. This comb is designed for any hair type and length.

These combs are handmade in Germany by Hercules Sägemann using only the highest quality ebonite accompanied by a strict quality control. Hand making process means the combs were hand-sawn, hand-cut and hand-polishes to achieve their perfect shape.

These combs are heat and chemical resistant, and almost indestructible, making sure they are worth their price. All combined ensures flexible and strong body, seamless gliding through wet or dry hair and gentle massaging of the scalp.

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