Large Crystal Nail File Foot 365-2

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Imagine how easy and convenient it would be to pamper yourself by giving yourself a manicure or a pedicure using this stunning Foot with a flower Large Crystal Nail File.

Decorated with your choice of one of 6 colors, you can bring glamour into your nail care routine every time you pull it out of its custom-made black velvet pouch.

File is 195 mm/7.68″ inches long and 3 mm/0.12″ inches thick.

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Mont Bleu Crystal Nail File

Quality matters. So that’s what you’ll find in every element of this stunning crystal nail file with a stylish design.

There’s quality in our methods of production, with tempered glass that’s traditionally forged in the Czech Republic. Our Swarovski Elements design is hand-made to leave you with a high-quality finish.

And these things come together in a stylish nail file that preserves quality where it matters most – in your nails.

Made from Czech Glass. Tempered and built to last.

Manufactured by Mont Bleu, a company which has been producing crystal nail files for more than 10 years, and which has developed a level of expertise shared by no other competitor.

All of the work involved in creating these beautiful pieces is performed in the Czech Republic, a country famous for its tradition of creating bohemian glass and crystal products.

Producing crystal nail files is work that must be completed by hand and with a close eye to detail.

So you can shape your nails smoothly for years to come. Guaranteed.

Swarovski designs, applied by hand.

Before you start working on your nails, our artists get to work with their fingers. This nail file features a smooth, easy to handle surface with no hard edges – something that machines can’t quite replicate.

What’s more, the intricate crystal design is applied by hand. Genuine Swarovski Elements are applied individually in a painstaking process. But one that ensures an attractive, stylish file that’s as elegant as it is efficient – ideal for gifts and occasions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available in 6 stunning colors
  • Ideal for use with both natural and artificial nails
  • Easy to use – perform a quick nail repair or a full manicure with ease
  • Practical – unlike emory boards, the surface of the crystal nail file does not clog up during use
  • Sanitary – simply clean with mild soap and water to remove dirt and keep surface free from germs
  • Tough Enough to Stand up to Daily Use
  • Safe to use – Glass is manufactured not to shatter, but will break cleanly, with no sharp edges which can cause scratches or cuts
  • Attractively packaged – Black velvet pouch is excellent for presentation and is a practical way to carry your nail file after purchase

With its durability, hygiene, and focus on quality, it’s quite simply the only nail file you’ll ever need.

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