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Glass nail file is the BEST nail file.

“…I love these files. They’re so easy to work with. I found that the glass files are so much more gentle on your nails.” Olivia C. from Livylulu

“…I was very impressed with Mont Bleu glass nail files and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for a new nail file…“ The Nail Polish Project

“…files are excellent quality, the glass is quite thick and they work wonderfully to shape and smooth out the edge of my nails…” Kelsie from Kelsie’s Nail Files

“Each of the files is a breeze to use. I can easily take down length or just buff the edges with ease. I love using the mini file to round the edges of my nails.” Jessika Barber from Polish Insomniac

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Nail file that will last forever, nail file with high hygienic features, nail file that will prevent brittleness. That’s all a glass nail file. Only Czech made.

Nail file is an essential beauty tool for every woman, whether she prefers long nails or chick short ones. She needs to file them. And when it comes to the filing, there is no better choice than glass nail file.

There are some speculations on the web regarding the name “glass nail file” and “crystal nail file”. Some of the retailers provide inaccurate information, telling about differences in quality, production process and so on. The fact is that tempered Czech glass is the secret ingredient, which is sometimes called crystal or glass.

So don’t hesitate, if you are looking for glass nail file or crystal nail file you are on the right place.

On our e-shop you can find probably everything that you need for your mani-pedi. Glass nail files for your finger nailsfoot files for your toes and even callus removers.

Toe nail files are made from Czech tempered glass, thus providing the same quality of filing surface as the rest of glass nail files.

Callus removers made from glass proven to be most effective and safe pedicure tool. No more cutting and bleeding.

Are you looking to buy something as a gift? Never thought of glass nail file as a gift? Your Mom, girlfriend and even colleague would be happy to receive something practical and beautiful. Personalized glass nail files. Can it be more personal? You won’t get accused in lack of fantasy.

Be sure that you found the right shop for purchasing genuine Czech made glass nail files.

Buy them here.